Indie dev's angry rant demonstrates the stress after being Kickstarted


Or is it all satire?

Having never heard of Elysian Shadowsa 2D RPG that was Kickstarted for PC, mobile, Ouya, and even Dreamcast — I stumbled across the above video of one of the developers, Falco Girgis, seemingly going off. Apparently one of the team members took a year’s salary from the $185,322 earned on Kickstarer and didn’t perform any of the work he was supposed to, and now Falco is stuck doing it all.

So Falco decided to post this video to vent his frustrations, or is this just all satire? The video’s description reads:

The Misadventures in Game Development is a spin-off side series based on the Adventures in Game Development, featuring a unique mixture of comedy, satire, self-loathing, and sarcasm brought to you by that one (sexy, good looking) dude developing the engine, toolkit, and now gameplay and scripting, and everything fucking else that needs to be coded for Elysian Shadows.

Follow us on a journey of self discovery as we venture through hell and back again, taking a cold, hard look at life in the shoes of an indie game developer crunching for an upcoming Kickstarter release.”

Turns outAdventures in Game Development had previously been written about by former Dtoid editor-in-chief Dale North who called the series “great.” Falco himself had posted a cblog here at Destructoid talking about the game and video series as well.

So is this an angry rant from an indie developer at the end of his rope, a satire, or something in between? I’m not sure, but to me it feels like a little bit of everything.

If you’re reading this Falco, I hope your asshole recovered and you’re able to find food.