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Indie mech shooter Gigantic Army descends on PC today

‘Side-scrolling, mech-shooting bad assery is back!!’

Gigantic Armybegins its assault on Windows PC today, courtesy of publisher Nyu Media and Japanese indie studio Astro Port. The mech-flavored side-scrolling shooter takes inspiration from 16-bit titles likeMetal Warriors and Cybernator.

Set in the near future, where mankind is entangled in a war with an alien race that’s bent on stemming humanity’s spread throughout the universe, players pilot a battle robot on the enemy homeworld across six action-packed levels where the clock poses as much of a threat as the enemy hordes.

Should you wish to join the fight and combat the alien menace,Gigantic Armyis available now for $5.99 viaGiganticArmy.com,GamersGate,Desura,andRice Digital.It could also probably use some love onSteam Greenlight.

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