Indie RPG Underrail is finally getting a full release on December 21


Sadly it’s not Undertale with trains

Indie RPG Underrail has been in early access for a hell of a long time. The post-apocalyptic love letter to old CRPGs like Fallout, Planescape,and Arcanum began initial engine development way back in 2008, and development of the actual content didn’t get going until the end of 2009. A free alpha demo was released in 2012, but the first trailer wouldn’t be seen until 2013, five years into the game’s development. It’s been in the works for a long time.

At last, seven years after work on it began, developer Stygian Software has announced via its Steam page that it will finally be coming out of early access on December 21.

Between now and the full launch, a couple of things will be happening. Stygian intends to run a two-week closed beta to hammer out as many bugs as they possibly can. During that time,Underrail will also be raising its price from the current $9.99/£6.49 to an undetermined cost to reflect the completed status of the game.

It’s likely (but not confirmed) that current save files will be incompatible with the final release, so you may want to buy it now for the lower price, but hold off until launch to actually play it.

Still, I’m pretty excited to try it out. I love CRPGs like Arcanum, and the idea of losing god knows how many hours to a new one is very appealing to me. Here’s hoping it gets a smooth launch!