Indivisible hits another stretch goal, aims for full VO and multiple endings


The slacker backer campaign rolls on

Even though Indivisiblehit its funding goal earlier this month, developer/publisher team Lab Zero and 505 Games continue to seek additional funding through a “slacker backer” campaign, also conducted via the game’s existing Indiegogo page. Custom donations are no longer possible, but you can choose from one of the available perks.

Indivisible recently hit one of its stretch goals: an animated intro produced by Titmouse (of The Venture Brosand Motorcityfame)and a mystery anime studio. At $2.05 million, all characters will be given full voiceover. According to Lab Zero, “Indivisible is currently budgeted to only have voices in battle and some critical story scenes. With the money raised for this stretch goal, we’ll expand the voice acting to cover all interactions with major characters.”

The campaign has another stretch goal, priced at $2.3 million. Should that money be raised, Indivisible will be updated after release with a hardcore post-ending dungeon, and multiple story endings for a hypothetical New Game Plus. “The multiple endings […] may change depending on when in the game you defeat the final boss or who is in your party when you beat them.”

As with most crowdfunding campaigns, any money raised past the stated funding goals will go towards the game. Planned gameplay expansions will be implemented after release, in the interest of getting Indivisible out in a timely manner.

Indivisible – RPG from the Creators of Skullgirls [Indiegogo]