Indivisible update brings New Game Plus and Couch Co-Op modes


Get the band back together

Lab Zero Games has prepped a fresh new update for its gorgeous action-adventure Indivisible. The free update, which goes live across all platforms tomorrow, April 2, will add new modes and balance tweaks to Ajna’s mythic adventure.

New Game + will finally be available, offering players who have completed the main quest to re-run it once again, complete with their current character levels and skills, as well as a full roster of heroes. That’s the whole crew, from the cackling Baozhai, botanist Ginseng and Honey, the superheroic Naga Rider and everyone in-between. Indivisible will also receive a (much-needed) difficulty boost to keep the adventure challenging.

Also coming is a new Couch Co-Op mode, which will allow four players to take up the role of a party member and join in on the platforming and combat action with “jump in/jump out” gameplay. That sounds like a lark, and will definitely make for some chaotic battles, but I really wouldn’t like to face Indivisible‘s super-twitchy platforming sections with pals leaping all over the place! Dibs on Razmi, by the way.

I reviewed Indivisible when it launched in October 2019. While I was instantly besotted with its amazing cast of characters, fantastic artwork, and heartfelt storytelling, I was disappointed by its empty world, technical problems, and complete lack of challenge from an AI. Since then, Indivisible has received numerous updates, so I’ll probably dive back in this weekend for some NG+ action and see what the current state of play is. Ajna and friends deserve a second chance.

Indivisible is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. For more details on activating the new modes, visit the official website right here.

Indivisible update to add New Game Plus on April 2 [Gematsu]