Indivisible will see Ajna call on a myriad of allies in battle


You got a friend in me, literally

A new trailer for LabZero’s upcoming action RPG Indivisible takes a look at the game’s combat, which will see our hero Ajna call upon various friends and allies that she will meet on her journey through the land of Loka.

By incorporating these “Incarnations” into herself, Ajna essentially becomes a one-woman army, able to call upon manifestations of her new allies during the game’s real-time battle sequences. As exemplified in the trailer below, each incarnation’s abilities can be used to produce combo-style attacks against the weird creatures that stand in Ajna’s way.

Indivisible will feature over 20 party members, all of whom have their own skills, backstories, and needs. With the help of her new-found friends, her own amazing skills, and just a little bravery, Ajna hopes to learn more about herself, her land and, most importantly, how to save it from the forces of evil.

Indivisible launches in North America October 8 on PS4, PC and Xbox One. The rest of the world – and the Nintendo Switch platform – will follow on October 10.