Injustice 2 April update is now live, patch notes available here


Roster tweaks and Bat-bugs stomped

The April patch is live for DC Comics crossover fighter Injustice 2. Taking the game to Version 1.19, the new update fixes a host of in-game problems and makes individual balances tweaks to just under half the game’s expansive roster of heroes and rogues.

The in-game changes include the ability to regenerate Story Mode gear to level 30, adjusting the conditions of certain tutorial missions, adjusting a bug that saw loot box unlocks lean toward Hellboy and Black Manta, as well as other minor UI and text fixes across the board.

As for the guys and gals themselves, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have had numerous tweaks to the attributes of their special attacks. Firestorm, Captain Cold and Doctor Fate have also received numerous frame adjustments. The full list of Version 1.19’s changes can be seen below.

General Gameplay Adjustments

  • Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic
  • Fixed an issue with progress tracking on page 3 of Legendary Multiverses
  • Made UI Improvements to Infinite Transforms
  • Inventory advanced gear filter can now sort up to level 30
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some players loot drops to favor Black Manta or Hellboy gear over other characters
  • The missing level 30 Augments which increase Defense are now available (Tank, Steamroller, Juggernaut)
  • Gear earned in Story Mode can now be regenerated past level 20 up to level 30
  • Changed Level 30 Base Health of Cyborg, Supergirl, Starfire, and Enchantress to 1175 (from 1100)
  • Fixed some Text & Grammar issues in Learn Mode
  • Adjusted the conditions for the finals tasks in Advanced Blocking Tutorial and Corner Combo Tutorial to be more consistent
  • Character Tutorials will no longer sometimes award rewards when they are skipped
  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur after disconnecting a controller during a character tutorial demo and then skipping the lesson after reconnecting the controller

Stage Specific Adjustments

  • Fixed some Background Interactions being throw immune during their recovery frames

Character Specific Adjustments

  • Atom – Fixed a rare bug where Making Matter Gear Ability could leave a lingering visual
  • Atom – When Atom’s Legendary is equipped there is now a button prompt for interacts that he can use
  • Batman – Fixed bug that could cause Mechanical Bats to appear during the victory screen
  • Black Adam – Lightning Strike MeterBurn base damage is now 15.4 (from 19.3) and it is no longer throw immune
  • Black Adam – The 2nd and 3rd hit of Lightning Strike MeterBurn will no longer hit airborne opponents outside of juggles
  • Black Adam – Fixed a rare bug that could prevent the opponent from getting a first hit bonus while Orbs of Seth Character Power is active
  • Black Manta – Slightly reduced backdash distance
  • Black Manta – Speared And Seared (Supermove) now does 36.7 base damage (down from 40.1)
  • Captain Cold – Cold Blast MeterBurn recovery 10 frames faster, has 5 less frames of block stun, and causes a bigger reaction on hit
  • Captain Cold – Ice-Solated (Away + Medium, Hard) now hits mid and had its hit region adjusted
  • Captain Cold – Prison Break (Away + Medium, Hard, Medium) has 2 more active frames, 9 less recovery, is +4 on block (up from +2) and had its hit region adjusted
  • Captain Cold – Legendary Augment “Cyclotron Charge” recharge rate is now affected by Flash’s character power
  • Deadshot – Wrist Cannon, Trick Shot, Bullet Barrage, and Low Wrist Cannon Gear Ability have 5 less recovery frames while character power is active
  • Dr Fate – Displacer Orb Meter Burn duration is now 180 frames (down from 240)
  • Dr Fate – Amon Ra Blast now does 6 base damage (down from 7)
  • Dr Fate – Apophis Blast now does 8 base damage (down from 9)
  • Dr Fate – Fixed bug that caused the 4 piece set bonus for “Fate Reborn” and “The Finery of Order” healing amounts to be larger than intended
  • Firestorm – Adjusted hit region of Short Burst (Down + Light)
  • Firestorm – Atomic Burst MeterBurn has 5 less frames of block stun and slightly increased damage scaling
  • Firestorm – Molten Trap has 5 less hit advantage, 5 less block stun, and 3 more recovery frames on miss
  • Firestorm – Molten Trap Meter Burn has 13 less hit advantage, and 5 more recovery frames on miss
  • Firestorm – Fusion Charge has 3 more recovery frames on block and no longer shakes the camera upon landing
  • Gorilla Grodd – Reduced length of jump forward, backward, & up by 2 frames
  • Gorilla Grodd – Slightly increased initial step forward and step backward speed
  • Gorilla Grodd – Stampede Cancel now has a more distinct animation and recovers 2 frames faster
  • Hellboy – Slightly reduced hit region of Up Devil’s Revolver
  • Joker – While Character Power is active Joker takes reduced hit damage and greatly reduced block damage relative to the HA level
  • Red Hood – Slightly adjusted Hit Region of Quick Strike (Down + Light)
  • Scarecrow – Fixed bug that could cause Terror Charge Gear Ability to have lingering visual effects when interrupted
  • Starfire – No longer throw immune during some of the recovery frames of Starbolt MeterBurn
  • TMNT – Practice mode AI Reversal and Wakeup Attack order is now consistent with other characters
  • TMNT – (Air) Shellicopter MB can now be performed while (Air) Shellicopter and Shell Slide Gear Abilities are equipped on the same loadout
  • TMNT (Donatello) – Bo-llistic MeterBurn Gear Ability can no longer be clashed
  • TMNT (Leonardo) – Michelangelo’s Turtle Power assist can no longer be parried by high projectile parries
  • TMNT (Leonardo) – Fixed bug preventing Michelangelo’s and Raphael’s Turtle Power assist from being performed by holding forward or back when Donatello’s Turtle Power assist is on cooldown
  • TMNT (Michelangelo) – COWABUNGA Character Power attack can now be parried by low parries