Injustice 2 gets a Wonder Woman movie event


Earn gear for the titular film character

Injustice 2 is just getting started as far as WB is concerned. Translation? There’s tons of DLC on the way — enough to make most of you quiver with fear and run for the GOTY hills. But given that Injustice 2 feels like a complete game with a proper story mode, it’s a little less egregious than some competitors.

Especially when some of that extra content feels ancillary, which funnels back into the gear system. You can unlock some Wonder Woman stuff through June 5 as a matter of fact, simply by playing the “To End All Wars” Multiverse event. The Multiverse replaces the Challenge Towers of Mortal Kombat, and pits players against all sorts of odd matchups that cycle in and out.

Having finally picked up Injustice 2this past weekend I put it to the test, and was surprised to see how much it improves upon the first.