Insanely heartwarming relationship game A Fold Apart is out next week on PC, iOS and Switch


April 17

A puzzle game with a long-distance relationship as the crux of its narrative? I’ll take one, please.

We got our first good look at A Fold Apartearlier this year, but now developer Lightning Rod Games is ready to pull back the curtain and let the game rip. Today, the studio has announced that A Fold Apartwill launch on April 17 on PC (Steam), Apple Arcade and Switch.

As a reminder, the game isn’t just a narrative experience, as it features “50 handcrafted paper folding puzzles,” as well as a customizable element that lets you alter the in-game couple (though they are by default a teacher and an architect). You can get a good look at it via the launch trailer below, but I have a feeling a lot of people are already sold.

We need more paper games in our lives! Tearawayshould have been a long-running franchise.