Inscryption adds a free endless mode with Kaycee's Mod this week


Kaycee’s Mod has got it going on

The endless Act I challenge for Inscryption seeps into more computers this week. Kaycee’s Mod will officially arrive for Inscryption on March 17, 2022.

Previously in open betaKaycee’s Mod is an expansion of the first Act of Inscryption. It’s essentially an endlessly playable version of the first section, Leshy’s area of the game, set in the cabin. It’s billed as an “endless, and increasingly challenging, roguelike.”

Different skulls can be applied to up the Challenge Level, and reaching new levels unlocks both new cards and challenges, as well as bits of lore from the one Kaycee Hobbes. (If you’ve played Inscryption, you’ll know who this is.)

Inscryption: Kaycee’s Mod is a free endless mode update and will arrive to wreck your waking hours this Thursday, March 17.

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) March 15, 2022

While Inscryption was already a roguelike of sorts, it changes and evolves over time as part of the unique story it tells. That works great, but some folks might want to go back and run the cabin again. Leshy’s portion is probably the game style that players become most familiar with, and playing through that again with new challenges sounds intriguing.

Just as enticing are the prospects of more Inscryption lore potentially buried in Kaycee’s Mod. Players who finished the story last year can probably piece it all together just fine. If there is more to learn about Kaycee, and maybe even the making of Inscryption (the game itself—it’s a whole thing), ears would perk up. Inscryption made quite a splash last year, and this week could be reason enough to dive back in.

Kaycee’s Mod has been steadily rolling through beta updates for a little while now, but this week, we’ll see what players uncover in the full version. The endless mode hits Inscryption on March 17, 2022.