Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake documentary reflects on the adventure's enduring sound


Just something in my eye…

In 30-plus years of gaming, I’ve heard a cavalcade of amazing and emotive scores. But there’s probably still no one soundtrack that literally makes my heart flutter like that of Final Fantasy VII. A memorable collection of beautiful tunes – composed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu – that can stir up an immediate well of emotions (i.e. make me blub like a baby) with just a few notes.

The unmistakable Final Fantasy “sound” is the focus of the fourth episode of Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake, a documentary series looking at the legacy of the classic PlayStation RPG and the mammoth undertaking of recreating its musical magic for a brand new generation of players, while utilising modern technology to present a constantly-shifting dynanism to the on-screen action.

As with all previous episodes, this video features a lot of footage taken from FFVII Remake‘s cutscenes. So best avoid if you wish to go into the game completely spoiler-free.

The new video talks to FFVII Remake‘s music supervisor Keiji Kawamori, sound director Makoto Ise, and composers Mitsuto Suzuki and Masashi Hamauzu, all of whom are hoping to capture lightning in a bottle for this exciting release, hoping players new and old will encounter same exciting, haunting, and emotional experience as many, myself included, did back in 1997.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on PS4 April 10. A demo is available to download now from the PlayStation Store. You can check out Chris Carter’s review right here.