Insomniac pokes fun at Spider-Man Puddlegate with new stickers


Get dunked

Splishy splash. Now New York City is as wet as you want it.

The lead-up to Spider-Man‘s launch was dampened by a short-lived controversy over Insomniac removing puddles from the final game. Deemed “Puddlegate” (not everything needs to be a -gate), some people were very upset about this. The Big Apple had dried out a bit and that didn’t sit well with everyone.

As part of today’s major New Game+ update, Insomniac has a bit of fun at Puddlegate’s expense. As Insomniac’s user interface/user experience lead Gil Doron tweeted, the developer added two puddle stickers to Photo Mode:

We have a new patch today! Not only do we have NG+, but we added a bunch of stuff in Photo Mode, including:stickersframesrotation for stickersshortcut to Photo Mode with the D-Pad……and I fixed this for you ?

— Gil Doron (@GilFromUI) October 19, 2018

There. Go swimming in tears of happiness. Drown in euphoria. Finally, Insomniac is vindicated.