Introducing Digital Tourist — Chill treks through awesome games in 4K UHD


Exploring digital worlds from home

The world may be on lockdown, but you don’t have to leave the house to explore new worlds. Video games provide some of the best escapism and immersion one can hope for, and so it’s in that vein that we’re kicking off a new video series on Destructoid called Digital Tourist.

Each week we’ll be dropping new videos showcasing the beautiful worlds that game developers and artists have crafted in painstaking polygonal detail. No questing; no combat (usually); no UI; no yapping. Just a (mostly) peaceful walk, stroll, glide, trot, or trek across some of the greatest places to never exist.

Our first journey will be through Nintendo’s magnum opus, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Kingdom of Hyrule has never been more alive, dynamic, or breathtaking than in this latest installment. Many varied ecosystems and biomes are intricately woven together into a cohesive and believable world that warrants a lengthy virtual vacation. For this first run, Linkle will be jogging from Gerudo Town up to Zora’s Domain, hitting plenty of landmarks along the way.

Because we want these videos to look their greatestregardless of whether you’re on a 4K OLED or a literal potatowe have harnessed the miracle of modern computing to supercharge the visuals. If you want to juice up your game at home, we utilized BSoD Gaming’s Clarity preset, FPS++, Pro HUB+, and pushed the resolution up to 4K. As for the skin, we used lynard killer’s Linkle skin.

We have two more Breath of the Wild tours coming up soon, so please let me know if you enjoyed this video and what games you’d like to see stamped on your virtual passport in future episodes. Enjoy!