Invisible, Inc. popped up on the Nintendo Switch eShop today


Strategy-loving Switch owners should check it out

Any day Klei Entertainment brings a game to Nintendo Switch is a good day in my book.

2015’s turn-based stealth strategy game Invisible, Inc. showed up on the Switch eShop today, and I don’t just mean a simple store listing – the corporate espionage title is out right now for twenty bucks. The Switch version also packs in the Contingency Plan DLC that normally goes for $4.99.

The file is size is a reasonable 628 MB and the game should translate well to handheld mode.

As an agent-commanding overseer, you’ll need to think through every move your squad makes while infiltrating seedy corporations. Get in, get the goods, and get out relatively unscathed. If you play too cautiously – hey, some of us are risk-averse! – then you’ll face reinforcements. Time is dwindling.

If you can handle the rising stress and crushing defeats of XCOM, you’ll do well in Invisible, Inc.