Iron Fist will not be returning for a season three


The mortal Iron Fist

In news that is probably shocking to no one, Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist will not be returning for a third season. Despite apparently improving the second time around, the showrunners at Marvel have passed on continuing Danny Rand’s tale. Marvel executives gave a statement to Deadline that reads:

“Marvel’s Iron Fist will not return for a third season on Netflix. Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is proud of the series and grateful for all of the hard work from our incredible cast, crew, and showrunners. We’re thankful to the fans who have watched these two seasons, and for the partnership, we’ve shared on this series. While the series on Netflix has ended, the Immortal Iron Fist will live on.”

That last bit hints at the show possibly returning once Disney’s streaming service launches. I’m not sure Marvel would want to continue to invest in the series, but anything is possible. I’d say just make Danny a regular on Luke Cage since his appearance in Luke Cage Season 2 was solid. He works better as a comic foil to other heroes than he does trying to be all serious with his proto-hippy talk about chi and other nonsense.

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