Iron Man VR hits PS4 in between The Last of Us Part II and FFVII Remake


Ghost in the machine

Announced this afternoon at New York Comic-Con, Iron Man VR will be released for $40 on February 28, 2020. It’s sandwiched right between two big-hitting PS4 exclusives: The Last of Us Part II (which launches first, on February 21) and Final Fantasy VII Remake (which is due on March 3).

On a certain level, PlayStation VR-owning Marvel fans are going to be interested in Iron Man VR regardless it’s said to be pretty entertaining, as far as these things go but still. Show some mercy!

The game has been in production for three years at République developer Camouflaj. We’ve seen some cool proofs-of-concept out of Marvel, but I’m holding out for that first definitively must-have VR game.

If you end up getting this, note that two separate PlayStation Move controllers are required.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Soars to PS VR February 28, 2020 [PlayStation Blog]