Is Atlus teasing an Attack on Titan localization?


Weird Vine murders ketchup packet people

Earlier today, the Twitter account for Atlus USA posted a very strange Vine. The short clip features a man destroying tiny ketchup packet people, splatting red on walls and eating a hotdog. We were initially confused, what on earth could this be a reference to?

Are you the hotdog?

— Atlus U.S.A., Inc. (@AtlusUSA) March 31, 2015

From the looks of the Vine, this appears to be hinting that Atlus will be localizing the 3DS game Attack on Titan in the west. From the giant man murdering tiny people in a bloodbath to the pork hot dog matching the reference to pigs in the anime’s opening theme, we’re putting our eggs in this basket.

Rumors of an Attack on Titan 3DS localization have been swirling for a few months since it was rated by the Australian ratings board.

So, who’s ready to attack some titans?