Is that 'top secret' Omega Force game a Lu Bu spinoff?



When Omega Force first announced that it would have a “top secret” title to show at E3, I used an image of Lu Bu and his piercing eyes to get the point across. Now I may have inadvertently cracked the code, as a new teaser site for the project indicates that it will feature “the most brutal Warriors in history.”

This could obviously mean a lot of things, but as a general rule, Lu Bu has been a historic “bad guy” for the series, but the use of the phrase “Musou,” could actually apply to anything, including Hyrule Warriors(Zelda Musou). While it would be one hell of a reveal to see Ganondorf doing battle with Cao Cao, my money is on another Dynasty Warriorsspinoff with an “alt history” tint. Plus, the Musou title isn’t used in every game (like Dragon Quest Heroes), so odds are it will be limited in some fashion.

We’ll see in roughly a week! For now this is a wild guess.

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