Is the Silver Mario amiibo real? More signs point to 'yes'


Retail listings seemingly confirm it as a non-exclusive

You’ve heard the rumblings of the Silver Mario amiibo for weeks now. It was leaked a while ago, and one person even claims to own it. Thanks to some more hints from retail employees, it’s looking pretty real, and it is likely not going to be an exclusive, thank the amiibo Gods.

Multiple employees on reddit, includingValtriusXIIIfromFred Meyer and multiple Target team members were able to find the SKU listed in their systems, set for a tentative May 29 release date. Since it’s listed in different retailers, it will likely be free for everyone to pick up when Wave 4 drops. I have confirmed the authenticity of the Target listing, but that does not mean it is 100% accurate.

Since Nintendo is Nintendo it’s being incredibly secretive about everything, neither confirming nor denying the figure, which does not help the entire situation.

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