Is Yu Suzuki teasing something Shenmue related at E3?


Don’t play games with my heart

As I’ve told people many times before, Shenmue IIwas a near-religious experience for me. I remember nearly every minute I spent with it at launch on the original Xbox, and it came at a perfect time in my life when I really needed it. I would kill for a continuation, or even an HD re-release. Earlier today, Shenmuecreator Yu Suzukitweeted out this mysterious picture, just noting “E3.” Yep, it’s a forklift, a clear reference to an infamous activity within the series itself.

If it isShenmuerelated, my guess is that it’s an HD re-release to possibly gauge the interest of a third entry. If it’s Shenmue III, I will declare this the best all-time E3 — especially since we’re due for a Dark Souls IIIannouncement.

Yu Suzuki [Twitter]