It might be nothing, but Shadow Warrior 2 is listed as free on GOG


This post is free of Lo Wang jokes

[Update #2: Show’s over, gang. Turns out it was nothing after all, according to an email from GOG:

“It was just a glitch and now it’s fixed.”

Oh well. It was nice to dream.]

[Update: The listing has since been removed from the page. We are still waiting for comment from GOG. A screenshot of the listing is seen below.]

Flying Wild Hog’s upcoming Shadow Warrior 2 is, strangely, listed as being one of the free games available for members of GOG. A screenshot is below should this be changed.

There are two possibilities here. The first being it’s a total mistake, isn’t meant to be there, and Shadow Warrior 2 will have as price when it’s released. The price is currently listed as “TBA” and not “Free” like the other games, after all.

However, other games such as Armello and Crawlalso have their prices set as to be announced, and aren’t included on the free games page. Shadow Warrior 2 isn’t unique on GOG in not having a price set, so what has singled that game out specifically as being included on that page? Maybe there is a deal being made between Flying Wild Hog and GOG?

We’ve contacted GOG for comment on this. It’s likely that this is just an error, so we’ll update this post should we receive any word from them about it. This is either something very cool, or nothing at all.