It seems as if Bandai Namco is working on Metroid Prime 4


Maybe we’ll get more concrete info at E3?

Rumors have been swirling as to who exactly is handling Metroid Prime 4, and Eurogamer seems to have the answer based on multiple sources. According to the outlet it’s Bandai Namco Studios Singapore that’s handling the Switch exclusive, not Retro Studios.

At the moment other than this report, all we have to go on is the logo. Nintendo really gave people the goods with their Switch announcements, tossing out a title screen for this and Pokemon Switch to create excitement for the fledgling system — and it worked.

For reference, Retro Studios (a subsidiary of Nintendo that is also handling the Donkey Kong Country series now) handled the original Metroid Prime trilogy. With Samus Returns handed off to Mercury Steam and Metroid Prime 4 likely given to Bandai Namco, all Metroid games are currently under the supervision of third parties.

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