It Takes Two has sold over 5 million copies


A cause for celebration

It Takes Two was one of those games that kind of came out of nowhere this year, and I mean that in the best way possible. We really do need more couch co-op games out there — the love this title has seen is clear evidence of that. After winning Game of the Year at The Game Awards, It Takes Two was propelled even further into the limelight, and a film or TV adaptation of the title is even in the works. Today, its developer Hazelight Studios took to Twitter to announce some exciting news that has been a culmination of the game’s continued traction: It Takes Two has sold over 5 million copies.

5… that’s FIVE million copies of #ItTakesTwo sold! ???

Our team is absolutely stunned just thinking about how many players have now enjoyed our game! ?

— Hazelight Studios (@HazelightGames) February 4, 2022

Of course, the replies are full of players wholesomely sharing their support for the game, pictures of their cosplays, and memes galore. Someone even pointed out that 5 million copies sold means the game had at least 10 million players, which is actually a pretty good point.

In what is usually a flood of never-ending bad news, it’s nice to log on and see a truly imaginative title getting the recognition it deserves. Personally, I hope the success of It Takes Two shows the industry that players do still value smaller, more focused games, because not many studios are making projects like this in the AA and AAA spaces.

I’m honestly curious about how this game will translate to film or TV, but I’m hopeful after the success of other video game properties’ transitions to the big screen, like The WitcherArcane, and the Sonic movie, just to name a few. If games are taking over the rest of the entertainment industry, I’m glad It Takes Two will be among the ranks. Now it’s just a waiting game to see how it will translate to another medium.

In the meantime, I guess I can just play through it again, right?