It took a month, but the Emperor is playable in Star Wars Battlefront II again


Ewok Hunt mode also returning this week

Star Wars Battlefront II has slowed to a crawl as fans patiently wait for new heroes like Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous. Last month, DICE decided to remove Emperor Palpatine from the game after discovering a bug that allowed him to shoot lightning through walls. These things happen, and he needed to be fixed, but it was a bad look for a game that hasn’t had much to show as of late.

With a new patch going live this week, the Emperor will once again be playable and another not-so-recent removal, Ewok Hunt, will be reinstated. The developers are also continuing their attempts to improve the feel of hero combat and have rebalanced stamina for lightsaber-wielding heroes.

With how long it took for the Emperor to come out of retirement, let’s hope he’s here for good.


  • Palpatine has been added back to the game
  • Fixed an issue with Palpatine being very overpowered by restricting the angle from which the player could lock on with his lighting ability
  • Fixed an issue with Palpatine being able to lock onto targets through walls
  • Ewok Hunt has been added back to the game
  • Fixed an issue in Ewok Hunt where Stormtroopers were unable to board the shuttle
  • Rebalanced stamina for lightsaber heroes
  • Fixed an issue in Hero Starfighters on PC where players experienced a short stuttering before being locked on
  • Fixed an issue with Extraction where objective markers were misplaced on Kessel and Jabba’s Palace

Star Wars Battlefront II – Release Notes – August Patch [Star Wars Battlefront II]