It took players an average of 22 minutes to finish the tougher Monster Hunter Rise demo quest


11 minutes for the easier one

Monster Huntercan be a commitment.

Each run can take upwards of 30 minutes or more depending on your skill level, and it seems like even the recent Monster Hunter Risedemo was approaching that mark. Announced on Twitter, Capcom has shared the average times for players to complete each mission, and the breakdown is pretty interesting.

As shared by the game’s director,Yasunori Ichinose, it took people 11 minutes and 16 seconds to clear the easier quest (Great Izuchi), and 21 minutes and 57 seconds to take out the harder quest/monster (Mizutsune). Having played through it, these numbers make a lot of sense. The Izuchi can be downed fairly quickly without having it run away that often, while theMizutsune can put up a fight with newcomers.

That said,Ichinose implies in the tweet that the numbers might not be a concise indicator of monster toughness, as some players were roaming around the field, getting random items and doing other business before actually finishing the hunt. Either way the data is appreciated! The whole “fireside chat” style marketing campaign for this game has been stupendous.

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