It's been out a day and this Sonic amiibo is the biggest defect yet


This one doesn’t look like my dog Hook, but it might go for even more money

We’ve seen some real twisted amiibo toys before —remember this?— but this one really takes the chili dog. The Sonic amiibo is in various stages of availability this week and already it has its own priceless defect ready to be sold on eBay at a premium like the$2,500 for adouble arm cannon Samus.

Talk about going fast!

It’s hard to tell just how much this amiibo, posted by reddit user “superlegend,” will go for. Defects that are missing parts tend to go for lower, hundred-dollar amounts (like $400 for a jaw-less Diddy Kong). So you’d think this shoeless Sonic figure might only be worth a few c-notes, but if you take a closer look, this Sonic toy also had some additional parts. And they aren’t just dupes like the dual arm canon Samus.

Clearly, like the huge defect Donkey Kong amiibo with a mysterious head, some extra bits have been attached to this Sonic; notably, a red tie with the initials “XO” as well as Sonicseries signature rings, which fortuitously fit within the franchise canon. Call the tie red athletic tape that one of the red sports teams, like the Russians, might wear and you can probably trick people into thinking it’s a Sonic Boom tie in (hah!) and get even more money for it. And I’m sure those folks who draw pregnant Sonic crying at the alter beneath Bible verses will appreciate the “hugs and kisses” on the tie, XOXO.