It's hard to believe Grow Home is a Ubisoft game


Cute 3D platformer out now on Steam without Uplay

In my dream world, Ubisoft would primarily put out smaller personal projects like Grow Home, but, I get it — there’s substantially more money to be made on Assassin’s Creed and its ilk. I’ll cherish these moments whenever I can, and boy, Grow Home sure looks like it’s worth cherishing.

Ben was only just summarizing this adorable platforming adventure the other day and here it is, out on Steam for $7.99 with Ubisoft’s pesky Uplay service nowhere in sight. I’m smiling so hard.

While I’d encourage you to watch the full trailer for its uplifting music, I made a gif excerpt in case you’ve only got about seven seconds of curiosity left:

We’ll have our review up soon.