It's in the cards: Rose returns in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition April 19


You will see it coming

In all my years – decades – of playing Street Fighter, there is no one character I have put more time into than gaming’s foremost fortune-teller, Rose. From her first appearance in 1995’s Street Fighter Alpha, to her great, EVO-winning comeback in 2008’s Street Fighter IV, I’ve poured months’ worth of time into the Italian psychic. And that clock is set to keep turning, with Rose’s long-awaited return in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

As revealed during yesterdays’ “Street Fighter V Spring Update” live stream, Rose’s high-fashion heels are set to come click-clacking into battle on April 19. The solemn, tragic diva will return to the ring armed with her trusty scarf, her mastery of Soul Power, and more than a few tubs of hair gel.

Notably, for the first time, Rose will truly use the power of the Tarot in battle, as her V-Trigger I ability will afford her the use of a selection of cards, which can be used to either buff herself or apply de-buffs to the opponent. This mechanic alone offers Rose a tactical depth that is missing from so many fighters on the SFV roster – welcome creativity that bodes well for the design of future iterations in the franchise.

V-Trigger II sees the return of Rose’s classic “Soul Satellite” attack, an orbiting sphere of Soul Power that can be smartly incorporated into combos to increase their length and damage. When you add into the mix Rose’s new V-Skill – a teleport with multiple landing spots – you have what could be the deepest iteration of Rose that the franchise has seen in years… perhaps ever. You can see all of these skills in action in the video above, along with Rose’s new win pose, which feature Tarot portraits of various Street Fighter characters…

Wait… Is that C. Viper?.. Hmm…

Rose arrives as the second DLC character from Street Fighter V‘s fifth and final season of content, following the return of goofball Dan Hibiki last month, and ahead of Street Fighter III hermit Oro, Rival Schools’ biker girl Akira, and the mysterious fifth contender. I can’t help but be disappointed that Rose has arrived so late in SFV‘s lifetime – the literal twilight year, in fact. But at least she’s coming in a style befitting her exquisite nature, and will hopefully receive priority come the arrival of Street Fighter VI.

After all, it’s in the cards…