It's official: Splatoon sold over a million copies


Not too shabby, squids

It was no secret that Nintendo was betting big on Splatoon, and it looks like it paid off. They’ve just announced minutes ago that the game has sold(not shipped) one million worldwide, clicking in at “over 476,000 units” in the Americas, 368,000 sold in Japan, 230,000 in Europe, and over 20,000 in Australia and New Zealand (physical and digital units have been lumped into these figures).

Nintendo is providing a ton of free content throughout the year, and I’ve predicted that if it sells well, plenty of paid DLC is likely on the horizon for 2016. It isn’t the type of publisher that will annualized things and cheapen its IP, but there’s money to be made at this point with this install base.

We’re all squids, now.