It's surprisingly difficult to guess wikiHow articles based on header images


How to treat nasal infection naturally

In principle, wikiHow is a great resource. Everyday people can use it to learn new skills. We can educate ourselves on basic ideas without the embarrassment of publicly admitting we don’t already know them.

In practice, it makes for some weird articles. There are those aimed at sociopaths like How to Express Love. There are those aimed at people with a loose grip on reality like How to Cast a Love Spell. There are even some tailor-made for Destructoid employees who have to interact with Steven Hansen like How to Be Okay with Having a Communist Friend. But the one thing all wikiHow articles seem to have in common is the often-bizarre cartoon images that come as accompaniment.

Now there’s a game to test users on whether those images make any sense out of context. (Spoiler: they usually don’t.) presents a wikiHow image along with four real wikiHow article titles to choose from. Matching image to article isn’t exactly a cakewalk; I’m averaging about 75% correct after a couple dozen tries.