It's the perfect time to start fresh in Dark Souls


The ‘Return to Lordran’ fan event begins today

For way too long now I’ve been telling myself I’m overdue for a fresh run through Bloodborne, but it looks like I’ll need to postpone those plans yet again. The Dark Souls reddit community is starting its three-week “Return to Lordran” event today. It’s an excuse to create a new character alongside a bunch of other fans to give the game’s online features a helping hand. I’ve got to get in on this.

“This event is essentially the re-incarnation of Global Restart Day. Everyone starts a new character on October 4th at 5pm (CDT), and plays the game. Online play is encouraged during this time, since this should be peak time each year for online activity. Simply play the game at your own pace, summon as many people as you can, throw down your sign often to help others, invade ’til you drop, and enjoy this amazing game! What more could you ask for?”

In short, all you really need to do is play Dark Souls this month and you’ll be doing your part. But if you’d like to get more invested or find like-minded folks to assist or duel, the community has a Discord server for just that purpose. These fan-organized events always give me the warm fuzzies.

Return to Lordran is TOMORROW! Full Details! [reddit]