It's time to put Knights and Bikes back on your radar


T-minus two(ish) weeks until launch on PS4 and PC

Knights and Bikes is finally coming home. Developer Foam Sword is bringing its dazzling coming-of-age buddy adventure to PC and PlayStation 4 on August 27, 2019 through the Double Fine Presents label.

The last time I told you about this game was three years ago a small eternity and since then, I’ve largely kept it out of sight and out of mind to help save some surprises for the real thing (and to keep the wait feeling a bit breezier). Hibernation’s over, though, and it’s time for a refresher.

Knights and Bikes follows Nessa and Demelza as they make their way through an imaginative world like only kids can. “They pedal into danger to face threats head-on with frisbees, water-balloons, video game controllers, and the powerful beats of an amplified boom-box. Along the way they’ll stuff their pockets with trinkets and barter for bike upgrades, spurring them onward down the island’s country lanes, windswept beaches, deep forests, modern attractions and ancient ruins.” Also, there’s a goose.

I think it’s fair to expect good things from this treasure-hunting ’80s adventure, not just because of who led the charge Rex Crowle, the creative director on Tearaway, and Moo You, a gameplay programmer on Ratchet & Clank – but also because of just how pleasant Knights and Bikes seems from top to bottom. The icing for me is local and online co-op. (If you’re a solo player, you’ll have AI backup.)

This game looks special, full stop. My fingers couldn’t be crossed any harder.