It's time to watch today's 40-minute State of Play stream


PS4 and PlayStation VR news starting at 1:00 p.m. Pacific

It’s about time for another State of Play. The PlayStation news stream starts at 1:00 p.m. Pacific.

This latest show is all about upcoming PS4 and PlayStation VR games – Sony has gone out of its way to temper expectations with a “no big PS5 announcements” disclaimer – so keep that in mind. New trailers, confirmed release dates, maybe some ports from PC VR… that’s where my head is at.

Another word of warning: “There will be no PlayStation Studios updates in this episode, or any updates around hardware, business, pre-orders, or dates.” They know people are thirsty for PS5 launch info.

Start a fresh pot, grab a crunchy snack, throw on an old hoodie – do whatever you need to do to get comfy. You can catch the State of Play live on PlayStation’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

[Update: Here’s a recap of what was shown in order of appearance: Crash Bandicoot 4, Hitman 3‘s VR mode, Braid: Anniversary Edition, The Pathless, Spelunky 2, Genshin Impact, Aeon Must Die, Anno: Mutationem, Bugsnax, Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series, Control‘s AWE expansion, Auto Chess, The Pedestrian, Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Temtem PS5, and Godfall. Scrub through the footage as needed.]