It's worth keeping an extra Warp Pipe on hand in Animal Crossing


Put one pipe near a frequently-visited spot and keep the other in your pocket so you can fast-travel on a whim

The Mario and Luigi costumes truly creep me out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, to the point where I’ve avoided checking in with my island since the late-February update went out. Actually, no… I’ve just been too busy with Stardew Valley split-screen co-op hogging 100 percent of my Switch time lately.

If you’re more interested in the Mushroom Kingdom items than the costumes, same – and there’s a trick for the Warp Pipe that’ll come in handy if you find yourself running back and forth all the time.

Well, “trick” is probably overselling it a bit. Players have taken to using the Warp Pipes (known in-game as “Pipes”) as a way to quickly hop back home to deposit spare items or redecorate. All you need to do is find a spot in your home (or wherever you frequently travel) for the first Warp Pipe and then hang onto the other one. If you ever need to fast-travel, just pull out the secondary pipe right there and pop in.

Here’s a demonstration from Reddit user VictoryRoles. Before you ask: yes, there’s a loading screen.

Absolute genius idea! Put one in your house and carry one in your pocket, no more legging it from one end of your island to the other just to get to storage! from r/AnimalCrossing

Basic? Yes. Effective? Better than nothing! I’m pretty desperate for time-savers in New Horizons. And while I don’t go home enough to warrant doing this, I think I’ll adapt the on-the-go “pocket” method.

You can find the Warp Pipes for sale in the Promotion tab of the Nook Shopping kiosk, and they cost 5,000 bells each. For a look at the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom items, check out this page.

If only I had a Return Scepter in Animal Crossing. Then I’d have the last laugh.