It's you versus the planet in The Solus Project


Early Access in two weeks

This new trailer for the sci-fi single-player survival gameThe Solus Projectshows off a lot of new content, and confirms some details that will surely make more than just me happy.

Specifically, the developers confirm that while it is a survival game, the emphasis is more on exploration, and settings can be tweaked to make it a bit easier for those of us (like me) who loathe survival games.

Apparently there may not even be enemies in the game, as it is you versus the planet with its extreme weather system. Sounds like a unique premise with an interesting setting. They certainly have me interested in trying it out when it launches on Steam Early Access in two weekson February 18. The Solus Projectis also coming to Xbox One Game Preview on February 26, with a final release planned for May of this year.