ITTA is a bullet-hell boss adventure for PC and Switch


Assist options will help mitigate brick walls

Independent game developer Jacob Williams is bringing ITTA, a tough new bullet-dodging adventure with “ancient golems” and “toothy horrors,” to Steam and Nintendo Switch on April 22, 2020.

The setup involves a slain family, a spirit guardian, and an unrelenting revolver-wielding protagonist. There are 18 bosses to get through, and if you’re anxious after seeing the projectile patterns in the trailer, you’ll be reassured to know that ITTA lets you “freely toggle damage multipliers or invincibility.”

After carving through Cuphead again this weekend (my first time playing co-op all the way), I was reminded how exhausting and satisfying boss gauntlets can be. It’s a fine line to walk. ITTA is a personal project, and it’s clear Williams wants players to see the journey through to its end at all costs.

I’m especially interested in the peculiar overworld characters. That big shadowy fellow is curious.