I've never cross-stitched before, but these Stardew Valley designs are tempting me


Winter, spring, summer or fall…

I have a lot of family members whocross-stitch, but every time I think I can remotely begin to grasp the fine art of it, something else comes up. These Stardew Valleyseasonal designs are really tempting me to finally take the plunge.

Shared on Reddit by Georga16, these patterns actually come from the LilEggy (what a name! Could you imagine getting your ass handed to you in Rocket Leagueby “LilEggy?”) Etsy shop. Yes I said “patterns,” as you’ll need to actually cross-stitch the thing yourself with the PDF file.

LilEggy also sells patterns for pretty much every other item in the game, from farm animals to pets, to crops to individual items. Doing some digging, I also found this boss pattern from WicketStitchCo (do all cross-stitch companies have awesome names?), which allows you to needlepoint the main map.

Chilling out and cross-stitching Stardewafter an afternoon of Stardewsounds like a pretty rad way to spend a day right now. If you get the urge to stitch, you can grab the patterns from the link below and check out this starter guide here.

LilEggy [Etsy via Reddit]