Iwata on E3: Unlike other booths, most of our visitors were smiling


Dropping the shade

President of NintendoSatoru Iwata didn’t attend E3 this year, but that didn’t stop him from dropping this — as the kids call it — sick burn on competitors:

One thing I should say about Nintendo’s E3 booth is that, unlike the other booths in general, most of the visitors to our booth were smiling and actually picking up the controllers and playing with our games.So, this was one big difference because a number of the visitors to other booths appeared to have spent a lot of time just watching game videos.”

I wish he would have finished with “Burn heal can be purchased at your local Poké Mart.”

As someone who attended E3, I can confirm that some booths had little to no hands-on gameplay. Most notably Bethesda only had Battlecryand a bunch of photo opportunities from its other games such as a giant Vault Boy statue.

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