Jade Empire joins the Origin Access Vault this year


Nice, nice

Before BioWare became a Hollywood action studio somewhere after Mass Effect 2, it was a true old school RPG factory. Players had choices (here’s an accurate depiction of a lot of modern RPGs), outcomes for decisions weren’t always obvious, and even in some of the more action oriented games like KOTOR, it always felt like you were playing a role. That couldn’t be more true of Jade Empire, a game that I’ll use any excuse I can to gush over.

It will join the Origin Access program on PC this summer,accompanied by Crysis, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, Crysis 4: Crytek in Crisis, Mini Metro, Plants vs. Zombies, and SimCity 2000. To be frank, besides Jade, I’m most interested in the latter — I spent many many days tending to myArcologies.

Just to clarify things a bit because I know it’s confusing — EA Accessis on Xbox One, and Origin Accessis on PC.