James Mangold to write and direct Boba Fett movie


Just when I think I’m out…

Look, I enjoyed Solo: A Star Wars Storyplenty, but it gave me the definite feeling that I just wasn’t going to be as excited about Star Wars movies anymore. Then Disney goes and pulls something like this. They’ve tapped James Mangold, writer and director of Loganand theunderratedTheWolverine, to make a Boba Fett movie that he will direct while co-writing with Simon Kinberg.

I mean, how am I not supposed to be excited about this?

Hopefully, Disney has the balls that Fox did when they let Mangold do basically whatever he wanted with Logan. If we got an R-rated Star Wars films that really dug into some seedy territory it would give the franchise a new direction for sure, and open up the world of the original trilogy a bit more instead of just replicating it. It’s hard to know if Disney would let him go his own way, though. They cut down Phil Lord and Chris Miller when Solowasn’t working out the way they wanted, but they also let Rian Johnson do his own very different thing with The Last Jedi.

So yea, I’m back on the hype train with this. There are no plot details yet, and a release date is waaaay far off, but we’ll let you know.

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