Japan gets new King of Fighters manga series


Translation plz…

The King of Fighters franchise is no stranger to spin-offs, having seen numerous comic-books, an ongoing anime series and… erm… that live-action movie. Well, this week saw a new manga series, based on the SNK fighting franchise, launch in Japan.

The new title, King of Fighters: A New Beginning, is an adaptation of the series’ latest video game release, King of Fighters XIV. The series will be delivered through the Monthly Shonen Sirius app with chapter one, Member Select, ready to check out right now.

Naturally, the manga is currently only available in Japanese. Hopefully, some kind member of the KoF community may provide translation as chapters are released. Until then, well, the pictures are pretty good…

King of Fighters XIV is available now on PS4 and PC.

待望の『KOF XIV』のコミカライズ「THE KING OF FIGHTERS ~A NEW BEGINNING~」が漫画アプリ「マガジンポケット」にて本日より連載開始! #KOF #マガポケhttps://t.co/cTBYFpM3DO pic.twitter.com/5INaO3iwpq

— SNK JAPAN (@SNKPofficial_jp) December 31, 2017