Japan is getting alt-art cards for the next Magic set and they are anime as hell


I dig like, all of them

Magic: The Gathering has become a global game, most notably in Japan and China, where Wizards of the Coast has been pushing it heavily.

To herald in the launch of War of the Spark, the next Magic expansion, Wizards commissioned art pieces for all 36 Planeswalkers (read: powerful summon-like cards that typically have multiple abilities) that are appearing in the set, and they’re extremely rad. In the west we can merely ogle at them, but in the east they’ll actually serve as alternate art Japanese language cards. You might notice a particularly famous art style in there, and yep, Yoshitaka Amano of Final Fantasy fame (think VI in particular) lent his talents to the project, providing art for Liliana, Dreadhorde General.

If you want them, the text is only going to be printed in Japanese, but they will be distributed “around the world” in promo form and at regular retailers. According to Wizards the Japanese booster packs replace the standard Planeswalker art with the alt-art “50% of the time.” So you not only need to locate them but gamble on getting one: as always, buying singles is your best bet!

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