Japanese Pokemon players vote Generation One as the most popular subseries, followed by X&Y


Then Diamond and Pearl

The debate rages ever on.

Although folks likely have their “favorite” Pokémongame, the original generation often reigns supreme over them all. I mean, they kind of started everything, and kicked off decades of Poké-love in just about every facet of media, so it stands to reason that they’d have the most fans. That line of thinking is prevailing once again as the first generation just won a new popularity poll on popular Japanese site Goo Rankings.

According to fans, Pokémon Red& Green(the Japanese equivalent of Red& Blue) are number one. That ranking is followed by X & Ysurprisingly (one of my personal favorites that’s often chided), then Diamond/Pearl, Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire, Black/White, Detective Pikachu, Pokemon Platinum, Heart Gold/Soul Silver and Pokemon Yellow[Pikachu].

Of note, Heart/Soulare the only remakes that made the top 10 andPlatinumis the sole “third version” that made it. Plus,pre-2016 (forgoing Sun/Moonand Sword/Shield), Black and White 2is the only generation that outright missed the top 10 ranking. While everyone has their take, this list is pretty decent!

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