Japanese release date and bonuses revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch


Pocket-sized chaos coming in September

The latest issue of V-Jump has revealed the release date for Bandai Namco’s ballistic brawler Dragon Ball FighterZ on Nintendo Switch, at least in Japan.

Originally revealed during last week’s E3 event, the popular fighting title will arrive in handheld form on September 27. Not only that, but it will include a few fun bonuses with its purchases, and a few extra features within the game itself.

Players who pick up the game will receive a download code for 1993’s Super Famicom release Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden. Players will also receive a Super Rare card for Japan’s Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game. Regarding DBFZ itself, the characters of SSGSS Goku and SSGSS Vegeta will be unlocked from the start, so it looks like the grind returns for the awesome Android 21.

Although there is not a lot of info pertaining to any differences in the Switch port, there will be a new “Extreme Type” control option, allowing players to hit special and super moves with the absolute minimum of fuss. No specific date has been revealed for the Western release of the Switch edition, but at least now there is a time-frame to work with.

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