Japanese TV show to reveal Pokemon news that will shock the world


Pokemon is none other than the Shockmaster

This week, Japanese children’s TV show Oha Suta will reveal new Pokemon-related news, so momentous, that it will shock the world, according to the show’s synopsis.

“Worldwide shock!” begins the description. “We have obtained shocking information concerning Pocket Monsters! Witness the moment a new history of Pokemon is born!” Sounds like something pretty dang important for Squirtle and co.

The reveal comes at a time when there are already murmurs in the air concerning the hugely successful Nintendo franchise. We are not only in the pre-E3 period where companies like to jump the gun on their announcements, but recently developer Game Freak advertised a vacancy for a Nintendo Switch game designer, thought to be for their upcoming Pokemon RPG, announced at E3 in 2017.

Of course, this could all turn out to be much ado about nothing. But at least we only have a few days’ wait to find out, as the “shocking” news will finally be unveiled when the next episode of Oha Suta airs on May 31.Japanese TV show teases shocking Pokemon news. [Gematsu]