Japan's 1-2 Switch commercials look more fun than the game


Are you spending $50 on it?

It’s going to be interesting to see how 1-2 Switchfares at launch. We all know that Zeldais going to have an insane attach rate — I wouldn’t be surprised if nearly everyone picked it up. But are people going to drop $50 on a minigame collection? The US commercials aren’t going a good job of peddling it, but this latest batch from Japan look a lot more fun.

Really, the main dude that’s in all the clips sells it — it’s like watching a Japanese game show. I think the first time we play any given minigame (there are 28) it’ll probably be this fun, then quickly dry up. But based on my experiences (and many others) with it in a hands-on fashion, it might not even last that long.

As another tidbit of info, 1-2 Switchis confirmed to have a shuffle mode, as well as a team mode. Anyone else love that little “click” noise?