Japan's physicality-themed Splatfest reaches its conclusion


Marina’s endurance gets her back in the game

Japan’s latest Splatfest concluded last night, as supporters of “Agility” took on fans of “Endurance” over which is the best… fitness… component, I guess?

Anyway, when all was said and done on Nintendo’s shooter Splatoon 2, Marina’s Team Endurance took a much needed 2-1 victory, proving that how long you can last stands tall over how, I dunno, slickly you dance? The public vote went strongly in Agility’s favour, but both Solo and Team play were taken by Endurance.

Pearl can console herself with the fact that she won the weekend’s Halloween-themed Splatfest with a 3-0 victory. But, for now, the day belongs to Marina.

Splatoon 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

昨日行われた第3回フェス「瞬発力 vs 持久力」の結果は……得票率、65%-35%!ソロ勝率、49%-51%!チーム勝率、49%-51%!1-2で「持久力」チームの勝利となった!やはり24時間の長期戦には、持久力が大事ということだろうか……?次回のフェスもお楽しみに。 pic.twitter.com/sTeAk74GCy

— Splatoon(スプラトゥーン) (@SplatoonJP) October 16, 2017