Japan's Switch stock is so low that a retailer opened up a 130 unit lottery to buy it and got 200,000 entries


Also 900 copies of Ring Fit Adventure

As we talked about yesterday, there’s a huge demand for the Switch right now, despite pandemic-based supply chain problems that are stalling the supply of markets all over the world. But Japan, which was just recently placed under lockdown, might be feeling it the most.

If you want a picture of just how dire the Switch stock situation is in Japan, look no further than this particular case presented by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad. Ahmad has discovered that just recently, Japanese store Yamada Denki put up a lottery for customers to potentially buy a fixed stock of 900 copies of Ring Fit Adventureand 130 total Switch consoles. Can you guess where this is going?

Apparently, the demand was so ridiculous that 200,000 people entered said lottery, defying the expectations of Yamada Denki and crashing the system. This is for one retailer. As a reminder, Nintendo of Japan says that they will try to ship more units next week, and that the shortage also includes copies of Animal Crossing.

We’re all in a pretty crazy situation right now. Despite supply chain issues the hobby of gaming is growing in some circles, it’s just harder to get into than it ever has been. We could all use a bit of respite right now, and Nintendo wants to sell as many units as possible in this tough time: they’ll get there eventually.

Daniel Ahmad [Twitter]