Jason terrorizes more Mortal Kombat X players today


Some of them will be teens

Like a mall Santa without any other prospects, Jason Voorhees lives for one time of year. (Or maybe he’s dead? I don’t know.) Regardless, Halloween is kind of Jason’s bread and butter because then he can show up, scare some people, and go back to hibernating in space or in Hell or at the bottom of the lake or whatever. Easy paycheck.

Dutifully, Jason shows up right before the spooky holiday, this time in Mortal Kombat Xfor mobile devices. He does all that machete murder Fatality stuff that he does on PC and consoles, but on your phone or tablet instead. At least this seems a little more fair, as Scorpion is probably better trained in the fighting arts than some sexed-up teen.

Warner Bros. says that Mr. Voorhees can be added to the roster through the Jason Challenge or through the Jason Multiplayer Season. But, you should try walking up to him, looking him in the eyeholes, giving him a firm handshake, and telling him that you’d be honored if he joined your team. If he hacks you to death, that means he likes you.