Jecht beats his son in his Dissidia NT reveal trailer


I’m the best

While not a new addition to the Dissidia franchise, having appeared in every entry thus far, Jecht brings more representation for the best Final Fantasygame along with his son, Tidus. I hope Yuna makes a return and it would be cool to get Auron as well.

Every time I have tried to playDissidia, including Dissidia 012, I just have not been able to get into it. I figured it would be a game I absolutely love and 100% numerous times, but the combat just never clicked with me. This awesome trailer has rekindled interest in me, perhaps because I just love Final Fantasy X so much. I’m willing to give the series another go when this releases on PlayStation 4. Of course I could just go to the arcade here in Japan but I’m too lazy.